High-end machine learning solutions for industry

For startups

Decrease time to market

Do you have a ground-breaking product idea that needs AI but your team lacks experience to build it? Hiring experts and building in-house expertise takes time. Focus on delivering value to your customers and we'll take care of building top-notch prototypes and MVPs of your vision.

For SMEs

Increase product value with AI

Do you need AI-driven capabilities to increase your product's value proposition? Let us hear out your needs, analyze the problem in depth, and deliver the best solution, working hand in hand with your team.

For Enterprises

Gain access to specific expertise

Do you have a well-defined problem and are looking for a specific expertise to complement your in-house R&D team's skills? We have experience in understanding complex setups and guiding clients through the process. Our team can offer agile, high-quality solutions and novel perspectives how to address your needs.

Research & Development

Deep expertise in the fast-moving field

We are passionate about AI and innovation in the field. Keeping up with the literature and playing around with the latest technologies serves as a gym for machine learning muscles. Here are some of the latest projects we've been working on:


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Explore how some of our projects are co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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